Sisterlocks is a particularly elegant hair locking system that produces tiny, stylable Locs that are fully versatile and easy to maintain.  A Trained, Certified, or Brand Ambassador Sisterlocks Consultant incorporates a Natural Hair Care System that includes a specific Loc technique grooming, Shampoo/Moisturizer products, maintenance care and consulting. In time, the results are gorgeous manageable hair, longer hair growth, increase styling options, with freedom and joy. As an individual you will experience a more comfortable lifestyle, free from the frustrations of managing your own hair, less hair loss and thinning. Healthy hair is the key to a healthier happy lifestyle.

The Sisterlocks Approach is a "less-is-more" approach.  Your gorgeous, natural hair needs to BREATHE, and be FREE of residue build-up. Light, botanical elements, only enhance the natural luster and bounce of your Locs.

The Loc Studio, No Shop Talk here, only concierge, clean sanitized, quiet, relaxing, high standard, one on one by appointment only services by a highly experience Loctician/Certified Sisterlocks Consultant that offers the following ...

    -  Unexpected amenities, call backs, and perks,

    -  Random acts of kindness, respect, exceptional client services and Loc repair

    -  Providing a full digital media "client chosen experience"

    -  Enhance in-store Sisterlocks Products and Loc jewelry experience

    -  Consultation advise and solutions on Hair Loc needs

    -  Removing client's anxiety concerning hair care maintenance

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