Carefree Referral Program

This is how the Carefree Referral Program works:

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the need lack of trained experience Sisterlocks Consultants, the

Carefree Referral Program was created.

Clients may need services for the purpose of getting back on track, due to delays or interruptions in their

Re-tightening schedule or starting a new Establishment/Installation. Potential Clients may find the Consultant phone search process to be awkward, frustrating, time consuming and difficult. Also, some Consultants are not taking on new clients and are full, while others are open and availabe, its a fluid business environment with ups and downs......... but fast pace as always. That's why we love it!

The Carefree Referral Program purpose is to bridge the gap between the two needs. 

As an Experienced Certified Sisterlocks Consultant in the Sisterlocks Community, I'm aware of honest helpful hardworking Trained and Certified Consultants who are taking on new clients. Although, Consultant's and Client

needs do change, Consultants let me know of their clientele load situations and Clients reach out for services. 

The Loc Studio can easily and effortlessly connect the two entities together, with a few Contact Shares.  

I will personally try my best to connect the Client with an available one on one Consultant nearest to their area, who is willing to work with you to get your Sisterlocks done.

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